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Multi-Matrix Technology

The Blue evolution sustainability campaign has now partnered with Multi-matrix! You can now work quicker, more economically and resource-conserving while maintaining top quality. The procurement costs are amortised within the shortest possible time.

 What BlueEvolution means for you?

It means you can save money. This is because your material, energy and labour costs are reduced! Thanks to innovative welding processes, you require fewer passes and therefore less shielding gas and welding consumables, whilst cutting down your welding times. You will consume less energy due to the high efficiency of the EWM welding machines. Also the durable EWM welding torches deliver convincing performance with an extremely long service life.

It means you can secure jobs because you benefit from clear competitive advantages, through quicker, more secure and cost effective work processes, with less preparatory and finishing work. Plus, with the EWM system you can increase your productivity and meet your customer demands while providing top quality. 

It means you can protect your environment because you will be using innovative welding processes that requires fewer passes and require less consumables and gas.  This way you do not only save time but you also increase energy efficiency and lower your emissions which saves money for you and helps the environment at the same time!

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