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Miller Wireless Remote

Miller Electric Welding has produced a complete wireless remote control which increases efficiency, saves money, improves safety and on top of that, it’s easy to use. Making it a great piece of welding equipment and soon it will be a must have for most welders.

The whole purpose behind this wireless remote is for welders to change the Amps and Voltage while welding. This is so the welder does not have to keep going back and forth which is great for repositioning as you will not need to untangle any cords.  Therefore, this system improves productivity and will help you to complete jobs quicker and safer thanks to the wireless feature which reduces clutter and potential tripping hazards.

This wireless system consists of the remote and a receiver that plugs directly into the 14-pin receptacle to control the machine contactor and output. However, some products do not have the necessary power and are not compatible. But generally this wireless remote is compatible with old and new miller machines, which gives you another reason to purchase a Miller Electric welder.

Some of you may not think it, but the Miller remote control improves welding quality. This is simply because operators can easily adjust their machines to optimize the parameters for different joint configurations, electrodes and different types and sizes of wire. Also Miller has included smart touch buttons which are buttons that allow you to change the parameters in one or five per cent increments. This then allows quick and accurate adjustments to give you perfect parameters for the job you are doing. 

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