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Miller Auto-Line Technology

Miller Welding machines are always introducing new innovative technology to the welding market, in this case the technology Miller are now providing in their machinery is Auto-Line. autoline trech.jpg

Auto-Line technology uses what's known as "boost converter" which boosts primary input power - from 190 through 630V or anywhere in between. This voltage then charges the capacitor, which is a device used to store and quickly discharge energy. Power for the actual inverter section of the Miller welder comes from this capacitor. The inverter, therefore, has sufficient power as long as the primary power remains within a +37/-59 per cent of the nominal 460V power. In short, it's like drawing water from a well that's always full.

Auto-Line ensures that you always draw welding or cutting power from a regulated, stable voltage source within the machine, which lets you ride effortlessly through dirty power. ‘Dirty power is the result of unreliable primary power’.

Auto-Line also gives you a rock-steady arc, "on spec" welding parameters and equipment with an incredibly dynamic, link-free operating range. The number of Miller machines that utilize Auto-Line continues to grow but below is a current listing:

Miller TIG/Stick Welders:

  • Diversion 180
  • Maxstar 150 STH
  • Maxstar 150 STL
  • Maxstar 200 Series
  • Maxstar 350 
  • Masxstar 700
  • Dynasty 200 Series
  • Dynasty 350
  • Dynasty 700

Miller Stick Welders:

  • Maxstar 150 S

Miller Multiprocess Welders:

  • XMT 350
  • PipePro Welding System
  • Plasma Cutters:
  • Spectrum 375 X-TREME
  • Spectrum 875 Auto-Line

Miller Multi-MIG Systems:

  • Auto-Axcess Series

Miller Three-Phase MIG:

  • Invision 352 MPa
  • XMT 350 MPa
  • AlumaPower 350 MPa 
  • All-in-One MIG Welders:
  • Millermatic Passport Plus

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