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MBRAUN 10/10 Chamber - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

MBRAUN 10/10 Chamber

We at West Country Welding Supplies are pleased to launch our new off the shelf welding chamber, partnered with German manufacturer Mbraun this purpose built chamber is designed for the Titanium and special metals welding market.

Aerospace, Semiconductor, F1 racing, Medical, Scientific and Nuclear industries have a demand for high quality welded components. Increasing standards have forced these industries to look again at their welding techniques and processes in order to achieve the perfect Titanium weld.

Here at West Country Welding Supplies we have the perfect solution. The 10/10 chamber is the future for welding Titanium and specialist materials.

Successful Titanium welds need to be carried out with minimal oxygen in the weld area. This purpose designed chamber will reach 10ppm in around 10 minutes. This saves gas and money compared with oversized or old leaky chambers.

These complete welding workstations have an ergonomic design providing great operator comfort while being fully equipped with everything you need from a shaded sliding eye shield and internal lighting to a fast flow gas purge system and an insulated torch feedthrough.

These chambers are an off the shelf solution that will provide an immediate return. They are ready to go upon delivery and very easy to use. With superb German engineering and build quality, these chambers are manufactured from high quality stainless steel with a full epoxy coating to provide the highest build standards.

Titanium is becoming more common and is being used in many new applications. This is attracting new customers from many different markets. These chambers provide a portable or fixed solution that can be manufactured to meet anyone’s requirements, no matter the shape or size of the components

With our technical advice and support, we provide a bespoke solution for these outstanding welding chambers. From the installation and commissioning of the chamber through to complete operator training. We provide the service you need.

Our success and growth selling welding chambers over the past couple years has been remarkable and together with MBraun – The world leader in glove box technology – We can offer and provide a turnkey solutions for all inert gas welding applications.



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