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EWM Cold-Arc

It's not just the car industry that's going to be thrilled with this! The EWM coldArc technology now permits thin metal sheets to be brazed or welded spatter-free, and with low heat feeding. 

  • Joining the thinnest of metal sheets down to a thickness of 0.3 mm.
  • Producing mixed steel/aluminium and magnesium/aluminium joints.
  • Heat-reduced brazing with low-melting additives based on zinc (400°C), e.g. of zinc-plated metal sheets, without degrading the zinc coating.

This reduced heat joining process is realised using a new highly dynamic inverter switching process, combined with very fast digital current regulation. This drastically reduces the power peak in the arc when re-igniting the short arc and it is a lot cooler than standard joining processes. 

The advantages are many and varied:

  • The reduced heat feeding and virtually power-free material transfer produce less distortion.
  • The digitally controlled short circuit ensures a spatter-free process.
  • Material transfer using the coldArc process is wear-free without mechanical support from the wire drive unit.
  • The wire feed is fed using standard, readily available torch systems with no complicated wire feed components, making the process suitable for both automated and manual joining.

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