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EWM activArc

EWM- activArc is the latest result of EWM’s research and development activities. This new TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding process is the third successive innovation in conjunction with power sources to come out of Mündersbach. Just like the EWM forceArc and coldArc processes before it, this new development provides users with crucial qualitative and economic advantages in manufacturing, including significantly reduced costs, simpler welding and high-quality welding results.
activArc is the decisive solution for users whose main requirement is to produce without finishing work wherever possible.The results of activArc are very narrow heat-affected zone with weld seams that couldn't be cleaner and neater, and only minimal traces of annealing colour on the workpiece. Another advantage of the narrow weld seam is low distortion, which in turn minimises the expense of subsequent straightening.
These positive welding properties also increase the sense of achievement enjoyed by welders as they work. activArc makes their life a lot easier: The arc ignites better and is more stable even at low currents, and the tungsten electrode doesn't stick when it touches the weld pool (particularly advantageous when tacking), thus making tungsten inclusions a thing of the past.

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