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Albee Gas - A new brand and concept

Albee Professional and Albee Plus are brands and a concept created by Air Liquide. These brands supply rental free cylinders to the market place in order to suit customer’s operational needs.  Replacing the gas is easy, quick and simple. All you have to do is return the gas bottle and pay for a refill. With no rental or transaction charges, no wastage and no more regulators to buy, Ablee gas will save you money.Albee-Gas-bottles.jpg

The difference between Albee Professional and Albee Plus is the size of the cylinder. Albee Professional is a standard 200 bar 11 litre cylinder. Whereas, Albee Plus has specifically been created for users who need larger gas quantities but still require the portability advantages associated with Albee. The Albee Plus is a 300bar 13.4 litres cylinder that has the equivalent gas content of a 20 litre cylinder at 200 bar. This provides the user with reduced down time and enhances the productivity benefits. 

As well as saving you money, Albee gas will save you time thanks to a built in regulator, an easy on/off lever and a simple flow adjustor. The setup of the gas bottle will be quicker, adjusting the gas will be easier and turning the gas on and off will be more efficient. With all these great features, one of the main selling points is the portability of the gas bottle. As the cylinder is very compacted and has an ergonomic cap, the bottle is easy to carry and is lighter than many other cylinders’ in the market.

With the ALbee range of portable, rental-free gas cylinders for craftsmen and light professionals, Air Liquide can help you work faster with more mobility and for better results. Albee is easy to choose, to buy, to use, and to exchange. It’s a no brainer.

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