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EWM Phoenix 330 Expert Pulse forceArc - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

EWM Phoenix 330 Expert Pulse forceArc

Multi-process inverter DC welding machine

All EWM machines come with a three year parts and labour warranty as standard.

EWM phoenix 330 expert puls forcearcHighlights

  • Maximum efficiency thanks to low-spatter welding with all materials and applications
  • EWM forceArc – the high-pressure arc – up to 30% faster welding with thick metal sheets
  • Optimum preset welding tasks (JOBs) and synergic operation – so that you can concentrate fully on the work
  • Control interface EXPERT – the high-end system for complex requirements
  • Maximum mobility for assembly work
  • Unique digital system for reproducible welding results of the highest quality
  • Ideal for robot, industrial bus and mechanised applications and documentation via optional interfaces

Main Areas of Use

  • Production and repair work e.g. in metal construction, machine, vehicle, closed container, equipment and ship construction
  • Robot, industrial bus and mechanised applications
  • Unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels, aluminium alloys, copper and its alloys, special alloys


  • Portable, gas cooled, modular, compact
  • Stable metal casing with a solid construction
  • Maximum ease-of-operation and handling by rapid selection of the welding task and one-dial operation
  • 256 optimum pre-programmed welding tasks, 4 main welding programs, 16 operating points
  • Integrated wire feed system
  • Non-latched, latched, special non-latched, special latched
  • Adjustable parameters: wire speed, wire burn-back, gas post-flow time
  • Digital display for welding voltage, current and parameters
  • Connection options: remote control, program, up/down and Retox torches, serial PC interface as standard, optional interfaces for automation and documentation

Technical Specifications

Welding current

  • 5 A - 330 A

Duty cycle 20°

  • 30% - 330 A
  • 60% - 260 A
  • 100% - 220 A

Duty cycle 40°

  • 25% - 330 A
  • 60% - 250 A
  • 100% - 210 A

Open circuit voltage

  • 103 V

Mains voltage (tolerances)

  • 3x400 V (-25%/+20%)
  • 3x415 V (-25%/+15%)

max. connected load

  • 13,0 kVA

recom. generator rating

  • 17,5 kVA

Mains fuse

  • 3 x 16 A

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 605x335x520 mm


  • 42,5 kg

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