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Mosa TS 300 SXC/EL-EP1 Diesel Generator Welder - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Mosa TS 300 SXC/EL-EP1 Diesel Generator Welder

Preview Electric start RUGGERINI diesel, air-cooled engine

9 hour tank with 23 litre capacity

Super silenced, lockable canopy (93 LWA/68 dB(A) noise level)

DC welding output - 300 Amp @ 60%

AC generator ouput - multi voltage 10 kVA

Remote welding control option

Updated quieter Model   (Mosa TS300 Diamond is now obsolete)

Why buy a Mosa TS 300 SXC/EL-EP1 Diesel Generator Welder

A popular seller, this MOSA TS 300 SXC/EL-EP1 offers excellent performance with up to 300 amp DC welding output.  Teamed with a reliable, efficient RUGGERINI air-cooled diesel engine with up to 9 hours running time and an electric start, it can weld with electronic variable amperage, alongside the simultaneous use of AC auxiliary power.  Featuring a super silenced, lockable canopy its noise level is reduced to 68 dB(A) compared with 74 dB(A) of the DIAMOND version of this model.  Equipped with all the usual TS series features including Arc Force control, stepless electronic welding control, auto idle control and a remote control option.


AC Generation - Single Phase

5 kVA/230V/21.7A

AC Generation - Three Phase

10 kVA/400V/14.4A

Current Range (Amps)

20- 300

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1320 x 790 x 750 (without wheels and towbar)



Duty Cycle (intermittent)

300A @ 60%, 250A @ 100%

Electrode Diameter

2 - 6 mm

Engine Speed

3000 rpm

Engine Type

RUGGERINI RD 210 Diesel, air-cooled, 4 stroke

Fuel Consumption

2.5 l/hr

Insulating Class



IP 23

Running Time

9 hours @ 60% load

Single Phase C.T.E.

2x2.5 kVA/110V/22.7A

Tank capacity

23 litres

Weight (kg)

370 (without wheels and towbar)

Welding Voltage OCV


70 V


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