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Mosa TS 200 BS/EL Generator Welder

  Preview HONDA GX390 petrol engine

DC welding output - 190 amp

AC generator output - 4 kVA 230/110V

12V battery boost ability

Step-less electronic welding control

Meets EEC noise regulations

Portable with wrap round protective frame



Why buy a Mosa TS 200 BS/EL Generator Welder

The MOSA TS 200 ES/EL PLUS engine driven welder (190 amp) is one of the TS series which provides superior welding.  It is powered by a reliable HONDA GX 390 (4-stroke) petrol engine capable of an output of 8.4kw (11.4 HP).  The running speed is up to 3000 rpm and a fuel consumption of 2.1 litres per hour.  An engine shutdown (high engine temperature and low oil pressure) is customary on all petrol models. 

With this MOSA welder the tank capacity is up to 6.5 litres and its running time potential averages 3.5 hrs with a 60% load.  This machine has the advantage of being fuel efficient, air cooled and is precisely coupled to a MOSA  brushless asynchronous alternator together with step-less electronic welding control.

It has the capacity to provide up to 190 amp DC welding output using 2-3.25mm diameter electrodes and has the added feature of a 12V battery boost facility.

Consistent with most of the welders in the MOSA range ,the noise level is compliant with the latest EEC noise regulations.  In addition, as standard with this model, it includes a remote control socket, a manual recoil, engine booster, welding current electrical regulation, thermal shut off and a ground fault interrupter.

Additional extras available:

20m remote control

20m magnetic remote control

Welding cable kit

Parallel box set

Wheels and handles gear

Service filter kit

Mosa TS 200 BS/EL Generator Welder Specification

AC Generation

Single Phase 4kVA/230V/17.4A


870 x 525 x 592



Electrode Diameters

2 - 3.25 mm

Engine Output

8.4 kW (11.4 HP)

Engine Type

HONDA GX 390, petrol, air-cooled, 4 stroke

Fuel Consumption

2.1 l/hr

Fuel Tank Capacity

6.5 litres

Noise Level

98 LWA 73 dB(A) @ 7 metres

Open Circuit Voltage

65 V


IP 23

Running Time @ 60% Load

3.5 hrs


3000 rpm


105 kg

Welding Current Ouput


20 - 190 A


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