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MOSA Magic Weld Mk II - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

MOSA Magic Weld Mk II

 Preview HONDA Petrol Engine

Light and Portable  (only 35kg)

110v generator output for fixed speed power tools and lighting

DC welding output 150A @ 60%



Why buy a MOSA Magic Weld Mk II

This Mosa Magicweld welder is extremely portable, weighing only 35 kg and with a carry handle. The Magicweld features a stepless electronic welding control, a HONDA petrol air-cooled engine with oil alert and auto idle control. Its generator output is 1.5kW 110V DC for fixed speed power tools and lighting, etc., and has a DC welding output of 150A @ 60%. Coupled with a MOSA brushless alternator which offers excellent welding characteristics and requires no maintenance.

MOSA Magic Weld Mk II Specification


AC Generation

Single Phase 150kW DC, 110V - 13.6A


420 x 360 x 480 mm


196 cm3/1

Electrode Diameters

2 - 3.25 mm

Engine Output

5.0 kW (6.8HP)

Engine Type

HONDA GX 200 Petrol, 4 Stroke

Fuel Consumption

2 l/hr

Fuel Tank Capacity

3 litres

Noise Level

99 LWA 74 dB(A)

Open Circuit Voltage

40 - 65V


IP 23

Running Time @ 60% Load

3.5 hours


2000 - 4000 rpm


35 kg

Welding Current Ouput

2000 - 4000 rpm

Welding Current Ouput

150A @ 60%

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