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MOSA DSP 500 PS/EL VRD Welder - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK


Preview Multi-process welder - Mig/Tig/Stick/Gouging

Chopper technology

Engine protection, remote control, electric start and super silenced canopy

Stepless electronic welding control

500 amp DC welding output

Large 60 litre fuel tank

EEC noise compliant

Why buy a MOSA DSP 500 PS/EL VRD Welder

This MOSA 500 PS/EL-VRD is a very high calibre welder formulated to be utilised in tough and challenging industries such as Mining and Quarrying, Ship Repairs, Steel Fabrication and Pipeline construction etc. 

The Welding Digital Control (WDC) provides five welding settings obtainable for Contact TIG DC, MMA stick with three Arc Force programmes including cellulose pipe electrodes together with a setting for CV MIG welding utilising the MOSA WFA wire feed unit (an additional option available). 

The functions on the WPC Welding Panel are as follows: 

  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - TIG - contact starting        (GTAW)

  Flux Cored Arc Welding - Flux Cored                             (FCAW)

  Gas Metal Arc Welding - MIG                                        (GMAW)

  Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Stick                                (SMAW)


A great advantage of the MOSA DSP compared to the conventional analogue welder is the digital electronic current control for ripple free and a steady welding arc.  Also, has a DC TIG contact start feature.  The VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) ensures safe reduction of the Open Circuit Voltage to less than 12V when welding is not in use. 

This particular welder has the added benefit of being driven by the outstanding reputation of a PERKINS (4-stroke) diesel engine which is water cooled and has a running speed of 1500 rpm, together with an output of 20.3kw (27.6hp).  With higher efficiency this indicates that up to 14% more power and more auxiliary power is accessible when welding.  An (EP7) Engine protection and Econimizer is incorporated as well as indicators to show Engine Shut Down Temperature, Engine Shut Down oil and Engine Shut down battery charge.  In addition, a warning light for preheating glow plugs. 

The tank has a capacity of 60 litres and with a 60 per cent load can potentially run for 14 hours.  Extra important features on this DSP 500 are; an hour counter, voltmeter, ground fault interrupter, thermal shut off, central lifting eye and an Emergency Stop Button which is readily available for any signs of danger or complication. 

Consistent with most of the MOSA welders, this DSP 500 is within the range of EEC noise stipulations and this machine has a silenced canopy which is lockable if required. 

Additional extras available: 

20m remote control

Welding cable gear

CC/CV MIG Wire Feed Package

Parallel Box set

TIG Torch package (25ft)

Two Wheel Site Tow

Two Wheel Road Tow (Braked)

Service Filter kit

Spark Arrestor/chalwyn Valve


AC Generation - Single Phase

12 kVA/230V/52.2A or 6kVA/110V/54.5A option

AC Generation - Three Phase

16 kVA/400V/23.1A

DC Welding - CC - Duty Cycle

500A @ 35% - 450A @ 60% - 400A @ 100%

DC Welding - Mig/Flux Core - Duty Cycle

450A @ 60% - 400A @ 100%

DC Welding - Mig/Flux Core - Voltage Range

46 - 44V

DC Welding - Stick/Tig - CC - O.C.V.


DC Welding - Stick/Tig - CC - Range

10 - 500 Amps

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1720 x 980 x 1110


2216 cm3/4

Engine Speed

1500 rpm

Engine Type

Perkins 404 C-22G Diesel - 4 Stroke

Fuel Consumption


Insulating Class



IP 23

Running time

15 hours (60% Duty Cycle)

Running Time

15 hours @ 60% Duty Cycle

Tank capacity

60 litres

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