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MOSA CT230 YSX-CC/CV VRD - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK


mosa-ct230-ysx-generator-welder•    Capability to run Wire Feeders

•    DC welding output - 210Amp @ 60%

•    Constant current (CC)

•    Constant voltage (CV)

•    Chopper Control

•    Variable arc force (digging) control

•    Voltage reduction device (VRD)

•    20 hrs long run tank

•    Electric start

•    Super silenced

•    Meets EEC noise specification

•    Diesel YANMAR L100N engine

Why buy a MOSA CT230 YSX-CC/CV VRD

This MOSA CT 230 model has chopper technology (CT) integrated in the CT230 YSX series which operates a chopper type diode bridge performing at a high frequency to produce an exceptionally even and regular DC welding current.

The advantage of this MOSA CT230 is its modern diesel operated YANMAR L100N engine.  This indicates it runs to a high specification and is very fuel efficient enabling it to operate up to 20hrs on a single tank. Also, it's directly coupled to the MOSA brushless asynchronous alternator.

As the CT 230 YSX-CC/CV is a consolidated welder it is adaptable for use on site and for any maintenance work.  It has an added feature of an adjustable arc force and CV welding control which assists welding of shielded MIG and flux cored wires.

Additionally, this welder has a facility of a super silenced, lockable canopy and meets all the EEC noise regulations and specification.

Additional equipment available:

•    20m remote control

•    20m magnetic remote control

•    Handles/wheel kit

•    Service filter gear

•    Parallel box set

•    C/CV MIG wire feed module

•    Welding cable gear


AC Auxiliary Power

Single phase 5 kVA 230 V 21.7 A

Current Range (Amps)

CC 20 - 210 A

DC Welding - Mig/Flux Core - Duty Cycle

(CV) 210A @ 60% 180A @ 100%

DC Welding - Mig/Flux Core - Voltage Range

(CV) 15 - 30 V

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1050 x 650 x 920


435 cm3/1

Duty Cycle (intermittent)

210A @ 60% 180A @ 100%

Electrode Diameter

2 - 4 mm

Engine Speed

3000 rpm

Engine Type

YANMAR L 100 N diesel, 4 stroke, air cooled

Fuel Consumption

1.15 l/h

Insulating Class



IP 23

Running time

20 hours @ 60% load

Single Phase C.T.E.

2.5 kVA 110 V 22.7 A

Tank capacity

23 litres

Weight (kg)


Welding Voltage OCV

65 V

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