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SR / XP 2000 - Masking Agent

XP 2000 is an imported product from the American market. Used often by our site team for masking of sensitive parts such as MILD STEEL, GLASS, RUBBER or other materials that may be attacked by the aggressive acids used in the pickling process. XP 2000 is so effective that it can be used for masking of parts that are to be immersed in acid baths. XP 2000 can be applied by BRUSHING, IMMERSION or SPRAYING the area to be masked.

XP 2000 has a bright orange colour for high visibility, sets like a rubber latex coating. Once operation is complete the “rubber mask” is pealed from the surface to reveal an area underneath that is unaffected. XP 2000 can be used at temperature therefore is suitable for use in anodising, galvanising shop as well as a range of other appilications.

Packing & Quantities

5 lt tin.

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