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Lincoln Electric Electrodes
Trade Name AWS Class Polarity Description
Fleetweld 5P E6010 DC+ Fleetweld 5P is a great choice for welding on dirty, rusty, greasy or painted steel -- especially in vertical or overhead applications.
Fleetweld 5P+ E6010/td> DC+ Lincoln’s Fleetweld 5P+ is ideal for steel that’s less than 100% clean. It’s a first choice for pipe welding, and vertical-up and overhead plate welding. This electrode is a long-time favorite among operators who handle cross-country and in-plant pipe welding.
Shield-Arc 85 E7010-A1 DC+ Need a reliable, all-position stick electrode? Here’s your electrode! Shield-Arc 85 produces a 70,000 psi, 1/2% molybdenum weld deposit for use on 1/2% molybdenum pipe steels and API 5LX-42 through X-56 line pipe.
Shield-Arc HYP+ E7010-G, E7010-P1 DC+ Tendency for “fingernailing” and electrode sticking have been virtually eliminated! Designed for all passes of API 5LX-52 through X-65 high strength pipe. Provides the welder with a clean, visible weld puddle and superior puddle control.
Shield-Arc 70+ E8010-G DC+ Here’s an electrode that makes short work of even the most challenging high silicon pipe applications! Shield Arc 70+ is an outstanding choice for API 5LX-56 through X-70 grade pipe, as well as for a wide range of sheet metal welding assignments.
Shield-Arc 80 E8010-G, E8010-P1 DC+ When your job involves vertical down welding on high strength pipe, reach for Lincoln’s Shield-Arc 80 electrode. This dependable stick electrode offers the perfect combination of low temperature impact properties and deep penetration. It handles all passes on API 5LX-56 through X-70 pipe. Excellent “stacking” ability is a feature of Shield-Arc 80, that maximizes productivity on the job site. Also meets AWS E8010-P1 requirements.
Shield-Arc 90 E9010-G DC+ An all-position pipe electrode that′s a great choice when the task is vertical down welding on API 5LX-70 through X-80 pipe. SA-90 also performs well in situations where low hydrogen processes are not practical, and when welding on dirty steels.

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