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Euteclic Castolin

Repair and Joining Solutions

Whatever your industry, Castolin Eutectic has the solutions for Wear and Fusion problems. For almost a century at the forefront of wear and fusion materials technology, we are at your service with the largest and most experienced field support to meet your specific applications. With a vast product range of alloys, processes, functional finished parts and fully automated systems in the areas of Welding, Brazing and Coating technologies.

Wear Technologies

High load, high wear is an expensive but avoidable cost to your business. Our proven technology provides

exceptionally cost-effective and STRONGER wear resistance solutions to the unnecessary expense and down-time caused through abrasion, erosion, corrosion or heat.

Fusion Technologies

Specialist, stronger joints need specialist FUSION technology, and Castolin Eutectic uses specialized Welding, Brazing and Coating processes to achieve this. Our systems and products are designed both for OEMs and end users, and they range from simple user-friendly manual applications to major automated high volume systems.  

Significantly improved profits through improved productivity and enhanced equipment durability

Higher quality manufactured products, with highest possible safety assured
Expertise and experience in all industrial markets

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