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VBC Aerospace Rods and Wires

plane in sky behind welderThe VBC Group is a leading global supplier of specialised brazing, and welding filler materials. Our core markets are aerospace, electronics, power generation, medical, telecommunication and automotive.

In short we provide the widest and most complete bespoke package for your metal-to-metal and metal to composite joining requirements and whatever your needs The VBC Group have the expertise, knowledge and experience you require.

We are able to offer over 250 different types of product and alloys used within the welding and brazing industry from nickel-based materials to precious metals. These are available in all forms including wires, foils, powders, pastes and preforms. Incorporating filler materials to join nickel, cobalt, titanium, aluminium, magnesium, steel, stainless, and superalloy based materials as well as Wires at various sizes.

Whether it's welding or brazing you'll find what you need here. If you're seeking training on a particular project, need weld/braze resources or equipment or are just interested in The VBC Group you'll find everything you need to answer your questions. Explore the site or alternatively contact us to speak to one of our expert team who will be able to give you the help and solutions you need.

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