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Powermax Consumable Kit - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Powermax Consumable Kit

Powermax Consumable Kit

Hypertherm Powermax Consumable_1All-in-one and FineCut® consumable kits
For Powermax65® and Powermax85® Duramax™ series torches

Drag-cutting consumables

• Designed to allow contact of the shield on the workpiece metal – makes handheld cutting easy

Gouging consumables

• Designed for your toughest metal-removal jobs

FineCut consumables

• Optimized for high-quality cuts on thin metal – for a clean edge and a narrow kerf

Mechanized consumables

• Engineered for the most productive mechanized cutting

Unshielded consumables

• Ideal for cutting in hard-to-reach areas
and for the best arc visibility

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