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Porta PakThe Afrox PortaPak is the ideal welding and cutting set for those difficult-to-get-to jobs. Light and robust, with a mass of only 29kg yet still having man-sized capabilities, it is easily moved by one person, and can be lifted through hatches or into service vehicles. Because of its small size and portability, the set is ideal for emergency vehicles or on maintenance duty in industry where portability is a must.

Welding and cutting capabilities

The PortaPak will fusion weld, braze weld, silver solder, heat and cut. Nozzles provided will fusion weld steel up to 4mm and cut steel up to 6mm thick. The cutting capability can be extended to 20mm by using the AFN 1,2mm or to ± 35mm using AFN 1,6mm nozzle available as an optional extra.

Continuous operating times

Brazing and welding with No. 5 nozzle - six hours. Cutting with 0,8mm nozzle - 45 minutes.These times are for non-stop operation.The average job requires a fair amount of preparation and welding and cutting is normally intermittent, which in practice extends these times considerably.

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