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Pipe ‘E-Z’ CUT


PIPE’S new ‘E-Z’ Cut chain driven machine is the economical alternative to cutting and bevelling pipe from 2” and up. Our superior design and locking system ensures that your cuts finish where they started, no more off square cuts!. The ‘E-Z’ Cut is small and compact, strong and reliable used by contractors, welders and pipe fitters, equally at home on-site or in the workshop. This machine can be hand cranked around the pipe or driven by an electric motor with remote control.

Standard Accessories

The ‘E-Z cut’ comes standard with double-link chain kit for 18-inch (457mm) diameter pipe, withlonger chain linkage optional. It also includes rack-adjustable torch arm and torch holder for longitudinal and vertical positioning, as well as chain unpinning block with pin driver, tool kit and a complete parts and operating manual.

Optional Accessories

The ‘E-Z Cut’ can be outfitted with a second torch holder assembly for double-torch operations. Also for pipe sizes 18-inch and larger, it is recommended that the adjustable guide belt be used for quicker set-up and improved cutting accuracy.

Belts are available for 18 to 32 inches and 18 to 48 inches diameter.

Pipe sizes up to 80 inches can be accomodated.

E-Z Cut guide band

Recommended for pipe sizes 18” and larger. Guide bands guarantee the machine will not slip or walk and ensure a square cut on large diameter pipes.

‘E-Z Cut’ Frame Assembly

The ‘E-Z Cut’ frame assembly offers a rigid, tough cutting apparatus for smooth, accurate fuel torch cuts.

‘E-Z’ Cut Features

  • Square Cuts!
  • Rigid Frame design
  • Columns in stainless steel.
  • Worm screw and toothed wheel are fitted on bearings and protected from dirt.
  • Wheels are fitted on self lubrication bushes.
  • Double link roller drive chain
  • Rack-adjustable movement both vertically and horizontally.
  • Torch holder can accommodate either 30mm or 35mm torches.
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