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Single-stage Cylinder Regulator - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Single-stage Cylinder Regulator

Developed using tried and tested materials combined with the latest technology the regulator is more accurate and safer when used with cylinders of ever increasing pressure under the rigorous demands from modern industry.

TheĀ Gas-Arc single-stage regulators are 300 bar rated and are designed to fully meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 2503 and to provide reliable service and a prolonged service life.

A wide range of outlet pressures are available as standard with 0-4 bar and 0-10 bar available for all high pressure gases and 1.3 Bar for acetylene. Other pressures are available on request.

Single-stage regulators are is available with a vast range of international fittings including: British (BS), American (CGA), French (Norme Francaise), Australian (AS),German (DIN), Netherlands (NEN).

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