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Fume Design Solutions

Fresh, clean air with a minimum of airborn contaminants such as dust, smoke exhaust fumes and oil mist, is necessary for every workspace:

  • It improves the working environment by reducing health and safety risks.
  • It assures the quality of the finished product.
  • It reduces wear on tools and equipment.
  • It minimizes harmful emissions to the outdoor environment.

A complete package

Based on more than 60 years experience of extraction solutions, we now introduce a unique set up of tools and services for easy and cost-effective planning and design.

All you need for planning and design

  • Nederman Design Guide for systems and solutions
  • CDs with ready-to-use symbols and templates of Nederman extraction units (based on NEDQuote, our powerful design and calculation program).
  • Nederman Product Catalogue.

It ’s all yours, free of charge!

CD & software screenshot 

  • Ready-to-use symbols and product templates. Just drag and drop the symbols into your CAD-drawings.

Software screenshot 

  • NEDQuote is a powerful, dynamic program for designing systems in 2D and 3D. It also includes advanced set-up scenarios and cost calculations. The program is available to consulting engineers (annual license). Please contact us for further information.

Website screenshot 

  • with a special link for Engineering Consultants, contains extensive product and application information.

Customer services 

  • Nederman Customer Support helps you all the way from project design and specifications to after-sales enquiries and technical advices. We know the legal requirements and directives in your region.

The world leader in “capturing at source”

Nederman, founded in 1944, is the leading supplier of products and systems for extracting dust, smoke and exhaust fumes. We cover the whole spectra of vacuum technologies – from high, through mid to low vacuum. Together with our range of supply systems for water, air, oil and other consumables, we make workspaces all around the world clean, safe and efficient. Nederman is well-known for innovative solutions, outstanding reliability, excellent quality and is certifed according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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