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ProVision® PV2636 Endoscope 5.8mm Dia. x 36" - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

ProVision® PV2636 Endoscope 5.8mm Dia. x 36"

pv_636The Provision PV2636 Inspection Endoscope has a flexible 36" shaft which will track down any pipe with a diameter greater than 5.8mm.
Featuring advanced electronics and a more ergonomic and refined design, the PV2 class is the ultimate in efficient, yet affordable, inspection technology.
True one-handed operation is possible along with a stay-on self timed switch with diode indicator, a more robust focusing mechanism, rugged battery access door and secure threaded accessories.
The PV2 features an increased pixel count of 7400 in the standard scope line without any loss in size.

Endoscope 5.5mm dia x 36" shaft
Information Sheet
7400 Pixel Count
Two way Self-timed Light switch
Threaded tip for secure accessories
Rugged, moulded carrying case

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