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Nederman Extraction Arm Original

Nederman Extraction Arm OriginalNederman Original  - a popular extraction arm with hood in new, patented design

Nederman Original is an extraction arm installed in many thousands of companies worldwide. The extraction arm has been further developed with a new hood in a patented design that ensures optimum capturing capacity and manoeuvrability.  The hood has integrated easy-to-reach buttons for lighting and fan control.  Nederman Original is the perfect solution for extracting welding smoke, fumes and dust in workshops. The arm is available in lengths from 2 to 5 meters, and can be mounted on a ceiling, wall or bench or to an extension bracket.  A wide range of accessories gives unlimited possibilities to match the needs at any workplace.

  • The product is suspended by a swivel, which allows the product to rotate 360 degrees
  • The arm is flexible in all directions and simple to position
  • The product can be mounted in combination with different brackets, extension arms, on exhaust rails or on fixed or mobile filter equipment.
  • The product is equipped with a damper in the hood as standard

The arm is available in four types:

  • 2m, for tight spaces, for example in welding booths, or where the need for reach is small.
  • 3m, which is the most common Nederman arm, an extended  version of the 2m arm
  • 4mH, Horizontal: Long reach and fits under low ceilings.
  • 4mV, Vertical: Long reach for work when the need for extraction at both high and low levels

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