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Nederman Extraction Arm NEX HD

Nederman Extraction Arm NEX HDNederman NEX HD  extraction arms are the top of the range arms when it comes to high airflows and extraction of media with higher temperatures than normal. The arms are specially designed for working environments with very heavy smoke, vapours or non explosive dust. Typical workplaces are the metal fabrication industry or other type of industries where the need for extraction with large airflows is needed. The applications can be welding, laser or hand plasma cutting, metal spraying, grinding where lots of spatter is generated, or other industrial processes where a  perfect balanced and easily positioned arm is required.

The Nederman NEX HD is also available with a patented hood design. The hood, made of aluminium, is resistant to high temperatures of extracted air (+120°C) and has a very high capturing capacity. The NEX HD model is ideal for heavy duty welding and where high airflows are demanded.

The arm is available in four lengths; 2, 3, 4, and 5m.

  • Arm is suspended by a robust swivel, which allows the product to rotate 360 degrees
  • Flexible in all directions, perfectly balanced and very simple to position
  • Support mechanism of the arms are encapsulated which protects against dirt
  • Can be mounted in combination with different brackets, extension arms or on exhaust rails

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