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Nederman Exhaust Hose Reels

Nederman Exhaust Hose ReelsNederman Exhaust Hose Reel 865 is available in two different versions - spring recoiled and electric motor driven. Both versions are quickly and easily mounted, and can serve one vehicle at a time.

Exhaust Hose Reel 865 S and SD - spring recoil

For all types of vehicle workshops etc., where the hose can hang at a reachable height. Choose between model S with non crush-proof rubber hose, and model SD with crush-proof rubber hose and integrated automatic damper. Mounting of fan directly on reel is possible.

  • Patented spring drive makes the hose very easy to uncoil
  • Increased safety and efficiency with optional retraction control
  • Optional automatic fan on/off switch for reduced energy consumption

Exhaust Hose Reel 865 M - electric motor driven

The best solution in workshops with a high ceiling, where overhead cranes etc. have to be considered, or where tall vehicles must pass. Operated via a hand unit - either an IR or a pendant control. The status of operation is shown in a receiving eye on the reel. Electronic limit switches reduce the risk of malfunction and unnecessary wear of the hose - the settings are made from floor level. Mounting of fan directly on reel is possible.

  • Convenient and safe operation
  • Automatic fan operation
  • Simple electrical installation

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