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Nederman ALU-Flowline

Nederman ALU-Flowline The Nederman ALU-Flowline Exhaust Extraction System allows continuous extraction of exhaust fumes from a flow of vehicles in one direction. It is a fully automatic extraction and hose return system designed to meet the requirements of e.g. vehicle manufacturers and vehicle inspectorates.

Vehicles moving along a manufacturing or inspection line with their engines running require a system that

  • extracts exhaust fumes continuously
  • travels along with the vehicle
  • is robust and very durable

The ALU-Flowline is based on Exhaust Rail System ALU 150 and comprises three main parts: the exhaust rail system, the return track and the control equipment.

Extraction units (trolley, hose and nozzle) are connected to the exhaust pipes and are pulled along the exhaust rail as the vehicles move forward. Fumes are extracted until the nozzles are disconnected at the end of the rail. This can be done either manually or automatically. The hoses are then hoisted and the units automatically return to the starting position at the beginning of the exhaust rail, via rail bends and a parallel return track.

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