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EWM ForceArc

EWM-forceArc® is the revolutionary EWM innovation that will secure your market advantage from now on. Thanks to the continuous ongoing development of EWM welding technology, you can now weld up to 30% faster! Thanks to the enormous reduction in operating costs, every EWM welding machine pays for itself within a short space of time. EWM-forceArc® technology is now integrated as standard into every welding machine in the digital PHOENIX PULSE series!

Faster UP TO 30% FASTER WELDING SPEED Thanks to the high arc pressure and the constricted arc.

BetterSIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN QUALITY Thanks to the deep fusion penetration for secure root formation and virtually spatter-free weld seams.

More Economical CONSIDERABLE COST REDUCTION WITH UP TO 50% MORE PRODUCTIVITY Thanks to significantly less consumption of material and power, reduced workshop costs and faster welding.

* EWM forceArc technology is now integrated into every welding machine in the digital PHOENIX PULSE series as standard!

Hendriks Staalbouw is crazy about EWM forceArc®!

EWM Force Arc

With EWM-forceArc we work around twice as quickly – including finishing work

Involved in a wide range of activities, Hendriks Staalbouw is one of the leading steel and mechanical engineering companies in the Netherlands. The company relies on MIG/MAG welding technologies in a big way and is now convinced that they work about twice as fast with the EWM-forceArc process.

EWM Force Arc

Hendriks' Chief Technical Officer got to know the EWM forceArc process at an in-house exhibition at our Dutch sales partner Lastechniek Europa. After a practical demonstration on site at Hendriks, a PHOENIX 500 EXPERT PULS forceArc with a separate EWM wire-feed unit PHOENIX DRIVE 4P was tested for two weeks under normal operating conditions. The results were so stunning that the EWM device was purchased immediately following the test period.

Statements from Hendriks Staalbouw say it all. "They've been working with the new technology for six months now", says the company's CTO. It is difficult to quantify exactly how much time the many positive aspects of the new technology save, but he is convinced that Hendriks now works roughly twice as fast – including finishing work. It is only necessary to examine the speed of the welding process in person once. The new technology represents an improvement of approx. 30% on "normal" MIG/MAG welding with the spray arc. Shorter welding times are achieved mainly due to the fewer number of layers. Shorter welding times mean less heat input, which in turn leads to considerably reduced material distortion. As a result, subsequent straightening is often unnecessary. Welding is also virtually splatter-free, which cuts down on finishing work considerably. Other positive effects include few, if any, undercuts, an evenly smooth seam surface and perfect seam geometry. And let's not forget the savings made by switching from cored wire to solid wire. Hendriks's CTO says that this machine had paid for itself within a year.

EWM Force Arc

EWM-forceArc Optimum welding results with reduced finishing work thanks to minimised spatter formation

The welders are also thrilled with the EWM forceArc process. "Our welders find working with the forceArc process more convenient, too", says Hendriks' CTO. "The arc is easier to guide, fusion penetration is deeper due to the constricted short arc, and the seam surface doesn't look burnt anymore after welding. The melting bath is more even, which is also evident along the course of the seam." The machine is also easy to configure by entering the material type, shielding gas type and wire diameter, and thanks to synergic one-dial operation. Being able to control the welding current very quickly makes it possible to run a constantly short arc. This means more stable welding for the welder. And speaking of advantages for welders, this process also produces less smoke.

The forceArc process is one of the processes used in the Hendriks workshop to weld large inner and outer rings to steel-core pipes, which are later plugged with concrete. Leaks are therefore not an option.

In general, the EWM forceArc process is best used for welding un-, low- or high-alloyed steels and aluminium alloys at sheet metal thicknesses >= 5 mm in steel and metal construction; mechanical and plant engineering; vehicle and railway vehicle construction; shipbuilding; container, closed container and equipment construction; offshore etc.

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