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Miller Maxstar 300 - DX

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All Miller machines come with Miller True Blue three year warranty.

Miller Maxstar 300 - DXWhen the job demands greater control the DX provides pulse on/off, pulse frequency, peak % time, background amperage, initial amperage, initial slope time, final slope time and final amperage control.


  • Inverter-based, DC power source has state-of-the-art operator interface allowing the user extra set-up capabilities in a compact machine. Features more precise control of output parameters than traditional knobs and switches.
  • Programmable HF start parameters allows the operator to independently set HF starting conditions based upon process and memory selection.
  • HF start only —provides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination.
  • Superior arc performance with DC TIG/Stick welding performance, even on the difficult to run electrodes like E6010.
  • Lift-Arc start — TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency.
  • Auto-Link™ provides flexibility to the operator. Connectable to 230 V or 460 V, 1- or 3-phase power without having to remove the covers and relink the power source.

Industrial Applications

  • Petro/Chem Fabrication
  • Aerospace
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
  • Shipboard Installation/Repair
  • Automation

Technical Specifications


  • TIG (GTAW) Welding
  • Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P) Welding
  • Stick (SMAW) Welding

Input Power

  • Requires 1- or 3-Phase Power

Rated Output

  • 250 A at 30 VDC, 60% Duty Cycle (3-Phase)
  • 200 A at 28 VDC, 60% Duty Cycle (1-Phase)

Max. Open-Circuit Voltage

  • 95 VDC

Amps Input at rated output

  • Contact for details


  • H: 17 in (432 mm)
    W: 12-1/2 in (318 mm)
    D: 24 in (610 mm)

Weight (Net)

  • Without Aux. Power - 85 lb (39 kg)
  • With Aux. Power - 100 lb (45 kg)

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