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EWM Triton 220 DC Power Sinus - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

EWM Triton 220 DC Power Sinus

TIG and MMA inverter DC welding machine

All EWM machines come with a three year parts and labour warranty as standard.

EWM Triton 220 DC Power SinusHighlights

  • Professional TIG DC welding with excellent ignition and welding characteristics
  • Uniquely high performance for professional working
  • Extremely simple to operate thanks to one-dial operation
  • Also ideal for construction site use thanks to the exceptionally large mains voltage range for problem-free use on long mains leads and on a generator

Main Areas of Use

  • Food and chemical industries, pipe construction, metalworking trades, assembly and workshop usage


  • Portable, gas cooled, decentral
  • Robust metal casing, with practical carrying strap as standard
  • TIG welding with HF ignition and liftarc
  • 8 welding programs (JOBs) which can be programmed by the user, and also operated from the torch
  • Non-latched, latched, tapping mode, TIG pulses
  • Adjustable parameters: ignition, welding, secondary and end currents, gas pre-flow and post-flow times, up and down-slope times, pulse and break times
  • MMA welding: adjustable hotstart current and time, arcforcing, antistick
  • Digital display for welding voltage or current

Technical Specifications

Welding current

  • 3 A - 220 A

Duty cycle 20°

  • 40% - 220 A
  • 60% - 180 A
  • 100% - 150 A

Duty cycle 40°

  • 35% - 220 A
  • 60% - 160 A
  • 100% - 130 A

Open circuit voltage

  • 90 V

Mains voltage (tolerances)

  • 1x230 V (-40%/+15%)
  • 1x240 V (-40%/+10%)

max. connected load

  • 5,8 kVA

recom. generator rating

  • 7,8 kVA

Mains fuse

  • 1 x 16 A

Dimensions (LxWxB)

  • 480x185x390 mm


  • 16,0 kg

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