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EWM Tetrix 230 TGD - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

EWM Tetrix 230 TGD

All EWM Machines come with a three year parts and labour warranty.


  • Tetrix 230 TGDCompact and light –easy transport on ladders and scaffolding as well as in confined spaces
  • Output is always constant: fluctuations between 150 and 280 volts at the generator or construction site mains supply are no problem
  • Self-explanatory, well laid out operating interface with one-dial operation
  • EWM activArc: Best seam quality thanks to compensated output even with fluctuations in the torch distance
  • Overvoltage protection – accidental connection to 400 V mains voltage does not result in damage to the machine

Main Areas of Use

  • Food and chemical industries, pipe construction, metalworking trades, assembly and workshop usage


  • TIG and MMA inverter DC welding machine
  • Portable, gas-cooled, decentral, 2 m mains supply lead with 16 A shock-proof plug
  • TIG welding with HF ignition and Liftarc
  • Non-latched, latched, tapping mode
  • MMA welding: Adjustable hotstart current and time, arcforcing, antistick

Technical Specifications

Welding current 3-230 V
Duty cycle 25°C 40%
230 A
180 A
150 A
Duty cycle 40°C 35%
230 A
160 A
130 A
Open circuit voltage 90 V
Mains fuses (slow-blow) 1 x 16 A
Mains voltage (tolerances) 1 x 230 V (-40 % - +15 %)
max. connected load 5,2 kVA
recom. generator power 7,8 kVA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 600 x 205 x 415 mm
Weight 15,5 kg

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