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West Country Welding Supplies

Specialised Welding Tools - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Specialised Welding Tools


FlowsafFor measuring the gas flow at the torch outlet

Maximum flowrate : 20 litres for Argon and CO2

Precision : + - 10%


Part number : 0002-0019

MIG pliers - 4 Function

MIG PliersWire cutting

Nozzle cleaning

Contact tip unscrewing

Nozzle unscrewing

Nozzle diameter 12 - 15 mm : part number = 0002-0050

Nozzle diameter 15 - 18 mm : part number= 0002-0051


(CO) Gas detector or lack of O2

Welding gauge 

Precise measure of weld bead thickness  Welding gauge 


For regular feeding of TIG filler metal

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