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Pipestopper™ Inflatable Stopper System

Inflatable Stopper System'Inflatable Pipestoppers' solutions from HFT

These versatile inflatable air bags and stoppers are used to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications.

Most commonly used for:

  • Plumbing operations
  • Ideal for creating an air-tight seal in drainage applications
  • Low pressure hydrostatic tests
  • On-site thermoforming of bends in ducting and conduit materials
  • Fibre-optic construction projects
  • Debris and Animal Stopping
  • Weld purging to isolate large volumes in tanks, so minimum volumes are left for argon/nitrogen purging


  • Inflatable air bags up to 2,000 mm (80") diameter
  • Manufactured using a high quality latex inner tube and polyurethane impregnated nylon fabric outer cover
  • Installed with a length of flexible inflation hose with sealing tap/valve.


  • Cylindrical bags which do not 'turn over' in the pipe.
  • Spherical bags which are ideal to insert through a small hole + seal a large diameter pipe.
  • Rectangular stoppers for ducting.
  • All sorts of special shapes and sizes have been taken on as specials!

Options include:

  • Foot pump
  • Pressure gauge

We offer a range of other more specialist inflatable stoppers such as:

  • Heat Protected Stoppers for use up to 300 degrees Centigrade
  • Inflatable stoppers are available with heat resistant covers to protect them against high temperatures. Each stopper is made specifically to suit the ambient circumstances.
  • Concrete Pipe Test Stoppers
  • These stoppers were primarily designed for the testing of concrete pipe joints to the latest international standards.


  • 300 to 1800 mm.


Each one is manufactured to the specific pipe size with a plus/minus 6 mm variation and can be used as a test end or a blank end.  They are totally collapsible and light in weight making them easy to handle on site and ship around the world.

They comprise an inflatable outer ring with a 5 mm thick closed cell neoprene outer bonded on for excellent sealing properties. Each one has a soft central membrane, a schrader valve is fitted for inflation and the stoppers have a pre set and tamper proof relief valve.

A pull tag is fitted for deflation, there are no removable parts and a hook and loop strap is provided to attach a gauge and there is a pull out strap as well.
Inflation can be carried out by Pipestoppers inflator or a hand pump or compressor, an on off tap is provided for air out vent and a moulded connector for the inflation hose is provided.

Safe working pressure, Unbraced is 0.2 bar, (2.8 psi) (200 mbar) (20 kpa)

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques' development team has extended the range of inflatable seals to allow for pressure testing of non-circular and even irregular products.
The company can manufacture seals to accommodate any size between 50 and 2000 mm, or the equivalent cross sectional areas, can be manufactured to meet customers’ requirements.
An example of the versatility of these expandable devices is provided by a customer requirement to test domestic electric kettle bodies for leaks.

The special design of stopper allowed it to be inserted through the top of the kettle and inflated to a nominal 0.5 bar to accommodate various moulded irregularities inside the body.

Despite the irregularities the stopper provided adequate sealing for internal pressure testing of the kettle.

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