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Pipestopper™ Aluminium Plugs

Pipestopper Aluminium PlugsTo complement the Pipestoppers™ range of nylon expanding plugs, we offer all sizes of aluminium plugs.

These are provided in sizes from 1.5" upwards and are suitable for more arduous duties such as immersion in chemicals and/or higher temperatures.

They are manufactured with 1/2", 1" and 2" outlets.

1/2" Outlet for plugs sizes up to 6"
1" Outlet for plugs sizes 6" to 18"
2" Outlet for plug sizes of 20" and greater

The standard seals are made from natural rubber and special rubber seals are available for chemical applications where greater resistance is required.
(alternative rubber rings options are: Silicone, Nitrile & Viton)

All plugs conform to British Standards BS8005 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes.

The basic principle - effective sealing is simple, insert the plug into a pipe opening and tighten the wing nut clockwise. The rubber ring will expand and provide a positive seal. To remove simply reverse the process.

Tightening the wing nuts is easy with the Pipestoppers patented friction free washer.

Typical applications

Are usage for plumbing operations in a wide variety of industries, including domestic and industrial water and drainage systems.

Also for ducting and conduit, swimming pools, masking in painting and casting industries, as weld purge plugs for stainless steel pipewaork fabrication and many others.

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