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Hardfacing Pro Arc Welding Electrodes
Product AWS Specification Description
Pro Arc 13Mn AWS E Fe Mn-A High Recovery Rutile Type Electrode for welding, surfacing and building up manganese steel components.
Pro Arc HF350 37 – 40 RC Hard Facing Electrode designed for applications where high resistance to impact is the main requirement.
Pro Arc 600 HF 57 – 59 RC Hard Facing Electrode for overlays on all ferrous metals. Severe abrasion and impact. Earth moving equipment, farm implements. Hardness 57 – 59 R.C. 650 HV.
Pro Arc 950 HF 62 – 65 RC Hard Facing Electrode for overlays on all ferrous metals. Extremely severe abrasion. Foundry sand mills, impellor works. (Stands up to heat and corrosion). Hardness 62 – 65 R.C. 800 HV.
Pro Arc Tubular 50–60RC Single Layer
59–62RC Multi Layer
A Highly Alloyed Tubular Flux Coated Electrode for hard surfacing components subject to extreme abrasion. Requires very low amps and has high deposition rate. Alloy carbide content minimum 40%. Hardness 55 – 60 R.C. 650 HV.

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